What if you loved and accepted your self and your body right now, as is, before beginning to create the body you desire?

And what if you practiced raising your vibration and getting into alignment with who you really are and got better at it every day?

In fact, what if you got so good at getting into alignment that you stopped beating yourself up over how you look, what you ate or didn’t eat, whether or not your exercised, or other people’s opinions about you?

And what if you started seeing food as your friend…instead of the enemy?

And what if, as a result of all this self-love and self-acceptance, you were able to imagine what you wanted to create for your body and your life, without all that extra guilt weighing you down?

And as a result of all of this high vibing, self-love, and deliberate creation, what if you began to manifest the body you truly desire?

What would you call this new guilt-free life?

I know what I would call it…..

Absolutely Delicious