Zehra Mahoon on Making Peace with Where You Are

Zehra Mahoon is a Master Law of Attraction coach and manifesting expert. She is the author of twelve books on the Law of Attraction and the creator of the“Unlimited-40-Day Law of Attraction Workout.” Her work is based on the teachings of Abraham Hicks.

 Zehra believes all things are possible, and that you can start from where you are and create a better future – and relationship with your body, once you begin to make peace with where you are. I start off by asking Zehra if she has ever struggled with body image. Her answer, in the form of a story from her childhood, may surprise you.

 We also talk about self-love, self-soothing including soothing those critical thoughts about our bodies and food choices, taking your focus off your body when it doesn’t feel good to focus on it, and much more. 

Episode Notes

-Make peace with where you are. Be your own best friend instead of your own worst critic.

-Our appearance is one of the most difficult things to change because we look at ourselves in the mirror every day. Stop looking and instead, focus on what you want or think of something else that feels good.

-If you see your body as unattractive, that is what you will keep experiencing.

-Stay off the subject you want to fix until you’re able to look at that subject without feeling bad.

-Stop trying to figure out the how. Turn the how over to the Universe because the how is not your business.

-Stop fighting with yourself. If you’re not getting the results you want, you’re efforting instead of allowing and letting go. Anything that seems hard has too much effort in it. It’s upstream. Inspired action = no effort involved. 

-Attachment to the outcome is what keeps it away. 

-When you’re at a higher vibration of appreciation, all things are possible.

-Pre-pave! Pre-pave! Pre-Pave! (when it feels good to do so, of course)

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