If you would like to learn how to love (or love AND transform) your body, this book is for you.

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If you’re sick and tired of the “dieting / deprivation / disappointment” cycle and are ready to discover how to love your body, your food and your life, my brand new book, Delicious Alignment: How 25 Women Learned to Love and Transform Their Bodies Using Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction is for you. Get ready to experience the delicious alignment of these 25 women as they share their journeys toward self-love!

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About Rhonda Ryder

Rhonda Ryder has studied Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction for over 10 years. While each part of her life improved beyond measure practicing these teachings, there was one area she still struggled with: her weight. In her quest to learn how to love and transform her body, she decided to interview 25 women who successfully used these teaching to do just that. Though she went down three clothing sizes, Rhonda learned the true secret of freedom from the obsession with food and body size: Alignment. 

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Delicious Alignment – Abraham-Hicks Facebook Group

In this group, we focus on learning how to love our current bodies, while furthering our understanding of how to manifest what we want from an Abraham-Hicks/Law of Attraction point of view.

This is a very active group with lots of support!

“This book helped me learn how to finally love my body. It’s not about being ‘skinny,’ it’s about self-love. I am now easily and effortlessly releasing pounds without any kind of deprivation or restrictions. No more dieting for me! I love this book and the whole Delicious Alignment way of life!”

Robin Altman, Artist

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The 10 Alignment Boosters

If you’re a student of the Law of Attraction, you know how important alignment (feeling good) is to manifesting anything you want in your life.

Alignment is pretty much the solution to everything.

  • If you want a better relationship, get in alignment.
  • If you want more money, get in alignment.
  • If you want to manifest the body you desire, get in alignment.

Click the button below to get my special PDF (print out) called The 10 Alignment Boosters. These 10 ideas will help you get into alignment anytime you need a boost.

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Create Your Desired Body Visualizations

Your imagination is one of the most magical and powerful tools you have available to you. That’s why I’m so excited about my “Create Your Desired Body Visualizations.” This free gift includes three 10-minute guided visualizations that help you access your imagination and focus on creating your desired body. Download yours and enjoy!

“Thank you, Rhonda, for your private coaching sessions. You helped me to pre-pave, identify what I am deserving of and script this into reality. As we went through the different processes and powerful visualizations, I was also able to drop two dress sizes and increase my understanding that my well-being is important. I am important. Thank you so much for your insight and guidance. Much love Paula”

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Love Your Body / Love Your Life 8-Week Coaching Program (with Rhonda Ryder)

The program is designed to help you:

  • Love your body
  • Love your food
  • Practice alignment
  • Create new stories that support your desires
  • Learn to soothe yourself (about food, weight, or anything else)
  • Learn to begin to transform your body (if that’s something you want)
  • Learn to have less stress
  • Learn to love your life


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If you would like more details about my coaching program, click the button below. I only coach five people at a time, so spaces are limited. (I like to give you all the attention you deserve!)

 I’m so excited about the possibility of us working together. I truly love helping women discover the freedom that comes from learning how to love their bodies, their food and their lives. It is my passion!

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